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„The hard rock combo leaves no room for unnecessary sound frills on their five-track EP. The single Afterlife rolls through the speakers with full distortion and carried by the soulful rock voice of singer Dan Byrne. The mid-tempo bangers „Your Chains“ and the lively „Twisted Love“ are stylistically reminiscent of Little Caesar and Thunder.“

4.5 of 5 Stars!


„Bad Rain is going to blast the world with their straight-to-the-point awesome songs.  Music-wise it just brings back all the best bands that kicked the scene and so it is fresh. This band is going to be huge! Some of the musicians are already known from previous bands, but they created the best of the best bands we need!

THE METAL MAG, 11/2023
Musically, the international combo plays traditional hard rock, but with a modern production and a conteporary guitar sound. BAD RAIN strikes with plenty of conviction and gives the hard rock community more than just an appetizer with „Room To Breathe“. Hopefully the band will return soon with a full-length album, because as strong as the impressions are, the desire for more material is just as great! „

8 of 10

POWER METAL, 11/2023

„And it’s a release that doesn’t exactly live up to its name, as Byrne and his bandmates deliver five tracks of breath-taking blues-rock filth ‘n’ fury that broils. bubbles and seethes with passion and pathos, mixed with ironic laconocism and languidity but enough fiery volcanism to keep Mount Etna in business for the next millennium. This is an EP that doesn’t need room to breathe. It immediately invades every one of your senses, plants itself on your worn-out leather sofa, demands a beer and declares “inhale me”

UBER ROCK UK, 11/2023


Grappling for the throne of Germany’s new favourite hard-rock outfit, Bad Rain are an international group of seasoned musicians, with stage-craft and experience beyond their years.

Born from the ashes of Munich’s front-runners Password Monkey & 7Mazes, while enlisting the vocal prowess of Croatian rock powerhouse Zoran Misic, Bad Rain have years of world tours, chart success and world-renowned musicianship under their belts, but are now ready to share their brand of powerful modern rock music that’d keep the most die-hard classic rock fan happy.

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LABEL: Fastball Music

(BOB MEDIA GROUP) – Jörg Tochtenhagen


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